Small resort close to the city

We spent a week over Christmas vacations and thoroughly loved it. Having been to a number of those big exclusive hotels in Cozumel and Riviera Maya, this one proved to be a refreshing experience. The resort itself had all of the needed amenities — beach, pool, restaurant, bar, massage — but the very best part was that La Ceiba is in city (along with also a walking distance to the city centre ), so we could appreciate easy accessibility to all of the restaurants, stores and other attractions (such as the entertainment park, which our daughter loved ) in city. Not all of the centers are topnotch (such as elevators are slow and little ), however I know that El Cid bought this hotel a few years back and is working on enhancements. But our rooms have been excellent, spacious, clean and silent, with balconies overlooking the ocean. Along with the team at El Cid have a particular mention because of their friendliness and helpfulness.

Great Vacation. Staff members were outstanding. Facility was fine and weather was fantastic. The food was quite good. Not mention cocktails that were quite satisfying. The masseuses were from the world.

Fantastic value for the purchase price. The service was topnotch, and the food has been superb. The hour of diving daily was excellent, and it was just a 5 (100 pesos) trip!

Cozumel is a Mexican Caribbean island that you can not miss. I’m telling you because I’ve come at every opportunity I have. Traveling to Cozumel is cheap and convenient. Also, the experiences that you live here are unforgettable. From your arrival, until the last activity, you do with your party. Even the accommodation is remarkable. A couple of people recommended me a cozumel snorkeling guide if we wanted to have the best snorkeling experience in Cozumel. El Cid La Ceiba is a great option. My friends and I were pleased to stay five nights during the vacation period. We stayed there to be near the downtown of Cozumel.

The hotel was fine and front desk employees were very accommodating. We left a few room adjustments and they given all our requests with no hassle. The pool was fine and the beach area had lots of lounge chairs and umbrellas for all to enjoy. The only bad side of the stay was that the beds were horrible. Really challenging, lumpy mattresses and cushions along with the pull out sofa is similar to sleeping on concrete.

Overall superior hotel. The cruise day pass folks are debatable at taking area in whirlpool, swimming pool, beach chairs, as well as restaurant. Staff wasn’t as present in comparison to previous excursions. However, nicest from the team we have had overseas. Good place. Like that you can not smoke at least.

I wish to begin with announcement that this excursion was a present in my job and I didn’t cover resort expense but also wish to add that my view isn’t bias but quite fair! Introduction and explanation of what was very beneficial and informative. Christian, one of the employees went over all of the advantages and trips were are in a position to take along with costs. ALL employees in the restaurant and hotel were very friendly and helpful at all times. Rooms are extremely pleasant and equipped with bed, couch, miniature full kitchen and gorgeous balcony overlooking the sea. Beds are typical with nice large cushions (personal taste ).


Hotel has nice poolspa (free wgts, two treadmills, bicycle and elliptical), volleyball court, ping pong and tennis court combined with two accessibility to the shore. The sea is amazing, as would not expect anything in Mexico, deep crystal clear water to perform plenty of snorkeling directly at the hotel. Onsite restaurant with a great deal of great and tasty food options combined with fantastically friendly employees. Overall I am giving this hotel at 5 star score. We had a wonderful holiday and would certainly think about going back later on.